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Download Novel The Da Vinci Code Bahasa Indonesia Pdf [Latest] 2022




Five years ago, Louvre Director Jonas , was badly injured in a van crash. A left-sided aortic dissection in the ascending aorta led to a total heart failure. The surgeons' unsuccessful efforts at heart massage, the resulting anoxic-ischaemic shock, acute renal failure and severe pulmonary edema combined to produce a virtual cardiac death. Following a four-hour surgery, a transplant from an elderly donor was possible, and the patient survived . A few days later, the donor's doctors revealed their secrecy and said, Jonas died of a heart attack . Jonas told his wife and secretary he had decided not to tell their children that he had died of a heart attack but of a severe aneurysm . The Louvre was his last resting place. While recovering, he was trapped in his mind in another place. It was a virtual landscape, a place he never saw but knew from the inside. To find out what the place was, he planned to excavate it. Four years later, he was ready. His first step was to find out what went into the heart of his "son" the Louvre. What he found was surprising and weird. How could a body that had no heart have a heart and how could the heart of that body survive without a body? He would investigate and find out how the mystery was solved. He would find out what really happened to him. Louvre Notes. Chap. I. A Veil of Unanswered Questions (1). A Night of Dark Angels (1) (1) Chapter II. Heart of Light (1) (1) Chapter III. The Garden of the Red King (1) (1) Chapter IV. Heart of a Different Flesh (1) (1) Chapter V. A River in the Heart (1) (1) Chapter VI. The Legend of the French Garden (1) (1) Chapter VII. The Answer (1) (1) Chapter VIII. A Just Above the Surface (1) (1) Chapter IX. Soul of Stone (1) (1) Chapter X. The Man Who Grew a Heart (1) (1) Chapter XI. A Thousand Years of Waiting (1) (1) Chapter XII. Stone Inside Stone (1) (1) Chapter XIII. Life and Death of a Heart (1) (1) Chapter XIV. A Man Inside a Woman (1) (1) Chapter XV. Kneeling Before the Heart of the World (1) (




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Download Novel The Da Vinci Code Bahasa Indonesia Pdf [Latest] 2022

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